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Analysis of the problems encountered in the construction process of the gabion mesh factory


In the practical application of Gabion mesh construction often meets some questions. So Hebei Yishen Wire Mesh Products Co., Ltd will introduce a correction and prevention measures for grid instability and collapse of the gabion mesh in the application. It is important to the contact between the questions in the gabion mesh structure and foundation, especially when the structure is in the flooded, the water will cause the loss of the soil around the stone cage, this scene is mainly because the stone space of pipeline flow in these open spaces in the onset of local acceleration resulting in soil loss, a few cases of stone cage structure will eventually stabilize, but the most quiet conditions under the stone cage structure will lose balance, after all the stone cage structure collapse. Under the circumstances, use the following 2 ways to avoid this phenomenon occurrence.

(1) Placement of a permeable cushion between the stone cage and the natural soil layer

(2) Cut down the gabion structure of water flow and flow velocity.

Between the stone cage and natural soil in the permeable cloth cushion, such as fabric, they are very useful for the majority of gabion material for construction. But if the water in the stone cage structure is very large, it is necessary to carry out the construction of the thin local rated maintenance. In fact, in the long run, the flow of water will damage any cushion, so the maintenance is particularly important. In general, gabion mesh stone cage structure to maintain the local rated a total of 4, (1) two mesh gabion structure and filling the contact surface between the straight - (2) weir at the foot of the cofferdam. (3) On both sides of the side wall of the spillway gabion mesh gabion structure (stilling pool, 4> River downstream cofferdam of stilling bucket. In these local to set up the semi permeable or impervious curtain to reduce or stop water flow, semi permeable anti-seepage curtain available geotextiles production, and impervious curtain is available through the processing of the guest stone cage net structure. Its production method and the usual gabion material is constructed of the same, is only in the process of stone filling in stone area was filled with concrete. Sometimes, even if we take preventive measures, will also attack the damage scene, at this time, it is necessary to fill the new stone or gabion material has been replaced by the new damage to the stone cage, and the surrounding foundation are modified.

Then talk about the construction elements:

(1)Gabion mesh backfill choice, should satisfies the quality requirements of the back should not contain humus; fill in and steel wire mesh of corrosive chemical and electrochemical components and other impurities; bony material maximum diameter is less than 15cm, and the total content of bone material beyond the 5rm size shall not be greater than 15%. The maximum dry density, optimum water content and other parameters of the soil are obtained by compaction soil experiment.

(2)All adjacent green reinforced gabion mesh component wall edges are stranded connection, stranding method are all according to the interval 10~15cm single ring double loop locking interval to stranding, wall forms a series of the whole face.

(3)No traffic vehicles, transport machinery, paving machinery and compaction machinery on the road and work on the surface of the exposed steel bars are prohibited on the surface of the filler. The packing is necessary to lay the paving, compaction. Each layer of loose paving thickness should be 30cm, paving the last degree should be uniform; the surface should be flat after compaction. Paving should be from the surface to the rear of the wall to the appropriate sequence. Paving and compaction should not be carried out in rainy days.

(4)The interval wall in the range of 1m, appropriate uses artificial ramming or light mechanical compaction, compaction machinery shall not work in the interval wall in the range of 1m, to avoid damage to the formation of gabion wall kneading.

(5)Green reinforced gabion mesh wall after construction should be timely across the wall into the spraying or cuttings and on time according to the request of landscaping maintenance.

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